Çankaya University Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences is a double-blind peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes national and international works in humanities and social sciences. The Journal is listed or indexed in the MLA International Bibliography, the MLA Directory of Periodicals, Index Copernicus Master List, MIAR, CiteFactor, SOBIAD, Arastirmax Social Sciences Index, Asos Social Science Index, and TR Index. Sharing and expanding the new perspectives in humanities and social sciences is of primary focus for the Journal, which aims to reach wider audience through its fully open-access policy. We aim to facilitate a more expanded and participatory academic discussion on the theoretical and/or applied scholarly work and to inform scholars and public about recent developments in the fields that fall within the scope of the Journal. The journal is published twice yearly in June and December.

Interdisciplinary studies such as articles, review articles and book reviews at the intersection of language and translation studies, linguistics, foreign language education, translator education, language and psychology, literary studies and translation, comparative literature, and theory and cultural studies fall within the scope of this journal. Besides, scholarly and interdisciplinary work in these areas, the Journal also aims to publish special issues devoted to a single field.

Çankaya University Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences accepts manuscript submissions in English between 6,000-8,000 words in length. All submissions are subjected to originality check on iThenticate program. Authors can send their anonymous manuscripts, application form and necessary relevant documents in Microsoft Word format to the editor-in-chief.

Çankaya University Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences is a continuation, albeit in a slightly shifting focus of interest, of the Çankaya University Journal of Arts and Sciences continuously published between 2004 and 2010. The administration at Çankaya University closely followed the January 2009 recommendation of Tubitak’s Ulakbim for publishing journals in conformity with the established norms of inclusion to scientific databases. In the light of these, Çankaya University decided to proliferate the former Çankaya University Journal of Arts and Sciences and continue publishing it in three separate parts -humanities and social science, science and engineering, and law. In view of the decision of the University administration, the former Çankaya University Journal of Arts and Sciences, therefore, ceased publication in 2010, but the Journal continued, with similar academic concerns and sensitivities, to re-appear from May 2010 as three separate series of the former journal, which are: Çankaya University Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (Series A); Çankaya University Journal of Science and Engineering (Series B); Çankaya University Journal of Law (Series C). Çankaya University Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences has been published twice a year starting from 2010. 

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