Type of Publication:
The articles which possess the following characteristics can be published:

  • Research articles, original articles, research notes and book reviews in both humanities and social sciences will be published in the Journal. Submissions to the Journal should not be in the process of being considered for publication by any other journal and/or they should not be published elsewhere.
  • Review articles will present the academic developments on a specific topic in a field. They will show a thorough knowledge of the relevant literature, with enough analysis to allow a differentiated assessment.
  • Research notes are the short communications written by scholars who have started original research on their topic. In these notes they communicate the initial findings of their research to other scholars in the field.

  • Procedure:

    For an initial assessment of the structure, similarity index (iThenticate program is run) and content of the submissions, the Journal operates an anonymous peer review system, with at least two referees. The articles that require amendments are sent back to the author(s). It is the authorís responsibility to send the corrected text back to the journal within the given time. If required by the referees, the new version of the manuscript will be sent to them to be evaluated again.


    All proprietary rights and copyright are reserved by the journal.
    The manuscripts submitted to be published in the Journal will not be returned to the author. The right to decide whether any of the manuscripts will be published in the journal is solely reserved by the Editorial Board.
    Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to publish the article or to present the contents of the text as oral presentations in symposia or conferences. Using all or portions of the articles for books or anthologies must not be done without giving citations. The author(s) are required to assign copyright to the publisher. Submission of an article to the journal is taken to imply that it has not previously been published, and has not been submitted for publication elsewhere. The authors are requested to state in the covering letter that they attach to their submissions confirmation that the article is not currently being considered for publication by any other journal and has not been published beforehand.


    The format stated in the Style Rules is the format of the journal itself. Manuscripts which do not conform to the Style Rules of the Journal will be sent back to the authors. Submissions to the Journal should not be in the process of being considered for publication by any other journal and they should not have been published beforehand. Authors are solely responsible for the content and the language use of their articles. Upon acceptance of an article for publication, the author(s) are requested to assign copyright to the publisher. Submissions will be accepted for publication on condition that they meet the criteria for scientific adequacy, technique of presentation, and appropriateness for the scope of the Journal.