Çankaya University Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
is an academic forum aiming to inform social scientists of recent developments and research on various branches of the humanities and social sciences. As such, the Journal is a continuation, albeit in a slightly shifting focus of interest, of the Çankaya Journal of Arts and Sciences-which has been continuously published since 2004. We, therefore, have inherited a journal that has six years of past experience behind it.

In taking the decision to proliferate the former Çankaya Journal of Arts and Sciences and continue publishing it in three separate parts-humanities and social science, science and engineering, and law-the administration at Çankaya University closely followed the January 2009 recommendation of Tubitak's Ulakbim which counseled for publishing journals in conformity with the established norms of inclusion to scientific databases.

In view of the decision of the University administration, the former Çankaya University Journal of Arts and Sciences, therefore, ceases publication, but continues, with similar academic concerns and sensitivities, to re-appear, from May 2010 onwards as three separate series of the former journal: